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The Art of Pastoring
(New Testament Principles for Pastoring Independent Baptist Churches)
by Dr. David Sorenson.

Reader's Responses

"Because of the valuable material contained in this book, it will be required reading for the ministerial students at Ambassador Baptist College. It is a 'must' read for preachers, as well as local church laymen."
Dr. Ron Comfort - President, Ambassador Baptist College

"The Art of Pastoring is one of the most practical books concerning the pastorate I have ever read. It is a book that should be 'must reading' especially for the young pastor just starting in the ministry."
Dr. Ed Johnson - Pastor, First Baptist Church
Rosemont, Minnesota

"The Art of Pastoring is great. Truly it is a great overview of the office of a pastor. The emphasis is so needed in our day."
Dr. Gordon Edgington
Association of Independent Baptist Chruches of Illinois

"The author has done a great and needed job in the biblical description of a pastor backed up by excellent exposition. Every student or pastor can profit greatly from this volume."
Dr. Joe Mark, Evangelist

"The Art of Pastoring is filled with practical insights that will be a help and encouragement to every Bible-believing pastor."
Dr. Frank Bumpus - Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Schaumburg, Illinois

"I believe this book will provide practical and spiritual help to young men who are called of God. Thank you for your thorough and helpful instruction."
Dr. Ralph Martin - Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church
Rockford, Illinois

"This book is excellent. It offers a much needed emphasis on being a biblical pastor with a pastor's heart. These biblical principles have worked for many."
Dr. Bill Hall, Evangelist

"The Art of Pastoring is excellent! I was blessed by reading it."
Dr Dell Johnson - Dean, Pensacola Theological Seminary

The Art of Pastoring, 227 pages, paperback: $15

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Dr. Sorenson draws from from his father and grandfather over a century of experience in the ministry of Baptist churches. To that he adds more than 30 years of his own in the ministry. These many years have taught him the truth and power of a few simple, yet vital New Testament principles for pastoring.

The Art of Pastoring makes refreshing reading for the seasoned pastor, as well as inspiring instruction for the young pastor or ministerial student -- several Christian colleges even use it as a text book.

The Art of Pastoring recognizes the importance of preaching and church administration, but focuses instead on a frequent area of weakness, pastoring people. "Without a question, it is crucial for a pastor to be skilled in preaching and in the program management of a local church. However, if he does not pastor his people, his ministry will neither be happy nor long in one place."

"It is the goal of this book to share the principles contained in the Scripture which pertain to pastoring people."

The Art of Pastoring, 227 pages, paperback: $15

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Table of Contents

  1. God Gave Pastors
  2. Shepherd the Flock!
  3. Love the People!
  4. Help the People!
  5. Preach the Word!
  6. Do the Work of an Evangelist!
  7. Take the Oversight Thereof!
  8. Study to Shew Thyself Approved!
  9. Pray Without Ceasing!
  10. A Servant's Heart
  11. Flies in the Ointment
  12. Three Final Commands

The Art of Pastoring, 227 pages, paperback: $15

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