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  "This is by far the best reference I've found, and I've been looking for quite some time."

-Satisfied User  

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What others are saying about this new commentary

“My heart was absolutely ‘thrilled!’ The nineteen guidelines for the writing (of this commentary) were enough to make me absolutely excited about this project. The fundamental Baptist movement needs material from this perspective desperately. I look forward to the publication of this set.”

Dr. Phil Stringer
Bible College President

“What a prodigious undertaking! Laymen and pastors have long needed a reference whose style was concise, clear, and easy to follow. This commentary is just that — full of good, basic, sound, fundamental explanations. As the Australians say, ‘good on you.’”

Dr. Floyd Jones
Creationist, Bible Scholar, and Author
The Woodlands, Texas

“This commentary is a refreshing approach to the study of the Scriptures, giving the Christian a reader-friendly narrative of each chapter. The short overview of each chapter enables one to get the big picture first followed by to-the-point comments, definitions of key words from Hebrew or Greek, and geographical explanations. This unique combination of features makes this commentary a pleasure to read.”

Dr. Dell Johnson
Bible Scholar and Educator
Pinellas Park, Florida

“I am delighted to recommend this commentary to pastors and laymen alike. It is a masterful work of combining reverent scholarship with warm-hearted devotion on every page. I found it to be a refreshing echo of old-time orthodoxy. Dr. Sorenson’s willingness to tackle difficult passages of Scripture while consistently maintaining a high view of biblical inspiration will prove a blessing to Bible students for years to come.”

Pastor Marc Monte
Avon, Indiana

“I am very pleased with Dr. Sorenson’s major new work Understanding the Bible. It will be a tremendous contribution for Bible-believing churches.

Dr. Ron Comfort
Bible College President
Lattimore, NC

“This is excellent and greatly needed in our current theological and moral climate. . . . I have nothing but good to say about this endeavor. May God use it extensively in these closing days of the age of grace.”

Dr. Clarke Poorman
Pastor Emeritus
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“In his commentary, Dr. Sorenson has achieved his goal of producing a narrative-style commentary for the busy pastor and church worker. The reader will find this commentary, written by a Fundamental Baptist pastor, a refreshing change from the usual Evangelical writings of our day and the denominational errors of the past. Users will find this set of commentaries to be helpful as well as enjoyable reading.”

Dr. Robert Crane
Bible College President
Owatonna, Minnesota

“I am glad that Dr. Dave Sorenson has undertaken the monumental task of writing Understanding the Bible. It will prove of great value to preacher and lay person alike. It is true to the Scripture, simple, and yet very substantive. His use of the original languages abound throughout and is very helpful in discovering the meaning of each verse.”

Dr. Gary Gillmore
Veteran Evangelist
South Bend, Indiana

“This commentary has been such a blessing to me. I reference it all the time. It has shed a lot of light on many complicated passages and subjects. It is a great tool for lesson and message preparation. I have benefitted greatly from using it.”

Mr. Ken Smith
Layman, Sunday School teacher, and home-school parent
Front Royal, Virginia

“As an adult Sunday School teacher, the verse-by-verse Bible commentary by Dr. David Sorenson is an excellent source of study helps. It is an excellent source for all that want to learn more about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and other aspects of spirituality.”

Mr. Dennis Millman
Layman and Sunday School teacher
Cartersville, GA

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Regular Price: $400.00
Sale Price: $275.00
CD ROM: $125.00

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