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    What does the Bible teach about raising children? Training your Children to Turn Out Right equips Christian parents with biblical principles for character development and spiritual growth to help their children turn out right.

    Widely acclaimed and distributed, Training your Children to Turn Out Right is now in its fourth printing. Many Christian leaders have commented that it is the best book they have read on the subject. In keeping with Dr. Sorenson’s style, this book is easy to read, yet packed with in-depth Scriptural principles and illustrated with poignant illustrations from real life.

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    Full of memorable illustrations and numerous case scenarios, Have a Heavenly Marriage explains simple, clear scriptural principles that any child of God can follow. It is easy, gripping reading that focuses on the true causes, not just the symptoms, of sour relationships.

    Christians in a corrupt world are surrounded by all manner of ugliness, bitterness, frustration, distrust and trouble. Sadly, these things characterize many Christian homes as well; but God meant for the Christian marriage to be a tranquil partnership, producing a true haven from the world's pressures.